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Walt Disney World Theme Park Tips that we have used:

  • Bring your own bottled water!
    Disney allows it, and you will save a small fortune. The best way is to freeze your water the night before. If you don't mind the taste of the local water all of the counter service restaurants in the theme parks give out FREE ice water!

    Recommend: Vapur Water Bottle a foldable, reusable water bottle

  • Visit Walt Disney World in the Value Season ... you'll have no lines with all the fun.

  • Discount Tickets available to certain eligible members of the U.S. Armed Forces community, their families and certain civilians in the DoD and elsewhere.

  • Ride the monorail - ask to ride up front in the driver's cab and don't forget to ask for your free co-pilot license. (photo below)

  • Children who are too young to ride on an attraction can ask for a certificate from the attraction that enables them to get to the front of the line the next time they are at Disney and are tall enough to ride. The cast member fills in the date and child's name. The certificate is for the child and the entire family to move to the front of the line upon their next visit. The certificate also makes a beautiful souvenir that can be framed.

  • Not sure what days to visit each of the 4 theme parks?
    General rule of thumb is that the day each park hosts its "Magic Hour" day is it's busiest day overall. "Magic Hour" days permit Disney Resort guests to enter one park a day an hour early. We head to this park and take advantage of the small crowds for the extra hour and then head to another park once the crowd rolls in. ** Check their schedule here **

  • If there are two lines for an attraction, go to the left. Most people's natural instinct is to take the line to the right! ( You'll be surprised how well this works. )

  • Parking at the theme parks
    If you will be leaving the parking lot and returning on the same day, or even parking at another theme park on the same day, be sure to save your receipt. You only have to pay the fee once per day.

  • Disney’s FASTPASS is a FREE service that allows your to make a reservation and enjoy specific Disney World Resort attractions with little or no wait. Just look for the FASTPASS machines at the attractions and check on the FASTPASS return time. This will be the time you will be able to return and use your FASTPASS. If this time will work for you, insert your park admission ticket into the machine and you will receive your FASTPASS ticket with the time for your return. Be sure to keep this ticket, you will need it to enter the FASTPASS line. Now, you are ready to go and enjoy other attractions until your return time.

  • If you are park hopping return your stroller or wheelchair and present your receipt at your next stop and receive a replacement stroller or wheelchair (same day rental).

  • If you are park hopping see attendant before you leave for a receipt for your locker and you won’t have to pay a deposit at your next stop (same day rental).


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