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The year is 1928, and the good hostess is planning a Valentine's Party for her friends and family. "The Farmer's Wife", a popular magazine of the day was ready to supply "games for a jolly crowd". In some ways parties were more elaborate and well planned then, but at the same time a good hostess used what simple resources she had available. She was "frugal" without even realizing it! Here are a selection of suggested games from that year. I think you will find in the 21st century, these can still bring fun and laughter into your home!

Red Hearts, Good Hearts

Hang a number of colored hearts about the room, fastened on walls and furniture. Explain before the game that only red hearts are good ones and that if anyone touches a heart of another color or fails to find a red heart she must drop out of the game. Have a few less red hearts than players and remove 2 or 3 of them at each interval. Players form in a circle and march to music. When the music stops suddenly each players tries to find for herself a red heart and must drop out if she does not succeed.

Sing-a-Song Race

Players are divided into four groups called sopranos, altos, tenors and bases. Each group selects a song to sing and at a given time all begin singing. The group to first completely finish it's song is the winner. Several attempts are sometimes necessary before an entire song can be sung because of the laughter and hubbub.


Cut four large hearts from strong paper. Divide players into two equal lines, which face each other from opposite sides of the room. Give two of the hearts to the first player in one line, the other two to the player at the opposite end of the other line. At a signal these players place their hearts on the floor, one at a time, and hop on them to the other line, whirl and return to their own line, passing on the hearts to the player next in line who repeats. The winning line is the one finishing first.

Tips for your Valentine's Day Party

Using these games and your imagination can turn your Valentine's Day into a family party! Serve simple cookies and punch on doily lined plates. Set up a table for the kids to make homemade Valentine's while they are at the party. Make sure you keep everything simple, no television or fancy stereos. You could even set up another table for everyone to decorate their own sugar cookies! Use this opportunity to create memories of laughter and love in a simple atmosphere.


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